Ambient Guitarist & Composer


 Craig Aalders is a guitarist and composer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His ambient work explores the relationship between sound, composition and improvisation. Influenced by the sublime terrain of the Pacific Northwest, Aalders creates absorbing and evocative soundscapes that use abstraction to convey strong emotional and expressive ideas.

 Aalders' process makes use of streams of layered sound made up of intricate chains of analog and digital signal processing. Acoustic and electric guitars, piano, synthesizers and field recordings are transformed into diverse, evolving, sonic landscapes. His evocative sounds seamlessly shift between billowing synthetic textures, shimmering organic tones and hauntingly beautiful arrthymic sound collages.

 Aalders' work has been performed throughout Canada. Highlights include: the Soundasaurus Festival of Multimedia Soundarts, the Sonic Boom Festival and the Further Series Electroacoustic Festival. In 2016 Craig's piece "el8dEra 3m" won first place in the Musicworks Electronic Music Composition contest. 

 Aalders is currently preparing to release his sophmore album Oceanography in 2018.