• 2016 Electroacoustic Festival

    2016 Electroacoustic Festival

    I'm pleased to have a new piece included as part of the 2016 Electroacoustic festival. The concert is happening in Vancouver this Saturday, Nov 18, 7:30pm at the Western Front.

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    Solo cello music performed by Marina Hasselberg. Music by Craig Aalders, Mark Haney, Michael Oesterle, and Linda C. Smith.

  • Oct 2 at the Golden Saucer

    I’m playing a set of improvised music tonight with Kiran Bhumber and Roxanne Nesbitt at the Golden Saucer (Broadway and Quebec). It’s a free show! Doors at 8pm. Music at 9pm.

  • Craig Aalders Solo Set June 25

    Craig Aalders Solo Set June 25

    I'm playing a rare solo set of electroacoustic/ambient music this Thursday at Skinny Fat Jack's in Vancouver. I've been working on new material which I'm excited to perform live for the first time.  

  • RED


    This Friday (Feb 20) I have a new composition “Last Light First Light” written for cello and double bass being premiered by the fantastic NOVO Ensemble. The concert is a program of new Canadian music for cello and bass - duos & solos - including three world premieres. I’ve been excited about this event for a while. If you’re in Vancouver and free this Friday you should definitely check it out.

    To find out more about the show click here:

  • 2nd Annual Electroacoustic Festival

    2nd Annual Electroacoustic Festival

    Looking forward to the 2nd Annual Electroacoustic Festival. It's takes place at the Western Front. I'll be debuting a new piece "Above Waves". You can check out the event page here.

  • Craig Aalders Solo Live Set Aug 23

    Craig Aalders Solo Live Set Aug 23

    Looking forward to playing a solo set at the Backstage Lounge this Saturday Aug 23 with Zoo Owl and MNGWA.
    I’ve been working on recording new material this summer which I’ll be debuting at the show.

  • Wandering Rhythms

    Wandering Rhythms

    Last week I had the pleasure of going on Nic Legacy’s excellent radio program Wandering Rhythms. I had a great time hanging out in the studio with him. He played some tracks off my album, I did some live performing, and then we explored some cool music from Singapore!

    From the Wandering Rhythms site: No one can resist the almighty beat, but on the fringes of the modern musical landscape there is an entirely different beast that defies the comforting confines of rhythmic repetition. Vancouver-based composer and sound-sorcerer Craig Aalders descends upon the studio this week to share his sublime shifting soundscapes and discuss the rich world of electro-acoustic music — where listeners are encouraged to rethink the boundaries of music and embrace the entire sonic spectrum. Beautiful vibrations are everywhere, we just need to tune our ears to them.

    Check out the show Here!

  • Playing a live set of electroacoustic/ambient music on Nov 16th

    I'm excited to be playing a live set of my electroacoustic/ambient music on Nov 16 at The Loft (254 East Georgia) in Vancouver. I'm sharing the evening with a great group of artists. This is going to be a fun night. Doors at 9pm. I'm on at 10pm.

  • Remnants Of Late Colour is Out Now

    Today is the day. Remnants Of Late Colour is now available. It's available in both digital and physical formats. Just head over to the Store to pickup your copy.

  • Remnants Of Late Colour is almost here...

    I’m getting excited for the release of my album Remnants Of Late Colour. It comes out this Tuesday, June 11. It can be purchased in both digital and physical formats from the Store. Here’s a picture of the CD Digipack.

    Photo by Alex Ramirez.

  • Remnants Of Late Colour Release Date June 11 2013

    Remnants Of Late Colour Release Date June 11 2013

    Artwork for my upcoming album Remnants Of Late Colour which will be released June 11, 2013 on Pacific 70 Records. You can listen to the closing track from the album "Projected Images On A Moving Surface" below. It's available as an immediate download when you pre-order the album. 

  • Falling Leaves (Mono No Aware) - Single

    I'm happy to announce I've released a new single in anticipation of my upcoming album Remnants Of Late Colour. It's titled "Falling Leaves (Mono No Aware)". It can be download here: Store

    Below is a description of the piece.

    Falling Leaves (Mono No Aware) is an electroacoustic/ambient composition completed over the winter of 2011-2012. It premiered at the Further Series Electroacoustic 2012 Concert in Vancouver. 

    The piece begins with a crescendo of sound highlighted by two melodies looping out of sync with one another. A drifting sense of time slowing down is created as a sound collage of falling leaves is introduced. As the piece progresses, several high pitched tones slowly bleed through the mix, gradually enveloping everything, before it all fades away. 

    The title “Falling Leaves (Mono No Aware)” refers to the Japanese term used to describe the awareness of impermanence, or the transience of things, and a gentle sadness at their passing.

  • New Blog

    Over the past few weeks I've started working on my own blog. You can check it out by clicking the blog link in the site header or by going to: