• 2016 Electroacoustic Festival

    2016 Electroacoustic Festival

    I'm pleased to have a new piece included as part of the 2016 Electroacoustic festival. The concert is happening in Vancouver this Saturday, Nov 18, 7:30pm at the Western Front.

  • 49b4b59c8cc999bf-1604913_1177743555598734_2405793110677516825_n.jpg

    Solo cello music performed by Marina Hasselberg. Music by Craig Aalders, Mark Haney, Michael Oesterle, and Linda C. Smith.

  • New Music: In3iod g5

    New ambient track "In3iod g5" is up. The piece is formed around 3 crescendo's of sound, each one more detailed than the last. Instruments include: acoustic and electric guitar, synthesizer, electronics, and field recordings.

  • New Music: el8dEra 3m

    New ambient track “el8dEra 3m” was composed and recorded between Aug and October 2015 at Pacific 70 studio’s in Vancouver Canada. The piece is centred around two processed acoustic guitar figures, electronics, field recordings, and sub bass. 

  • Graftician Wilderness song and video

    One of the bands I play in just released a new song and video. Check it out!

    “Wilderness” explores the pervasiveness of petroleum based resource extraction in contemporary culture. The stop-motion video flashes between images of plastic products: condoms, lingerie, food wrappers and collages. Plastic is in our sex, food, music, art, and in our mediums for protesting it; our daily lives are saturated within its form. “Wilderness” considers the tension between beauty, repulsion, and self-destruction in contemporary culture. 
    Song by Graftician: Roxanne Nesbitt and Craig Aalders
    Video © Roxanne Nesbitt

  • Wooden Horsemen Live at the China Cloud

    Wooden Horsemen Live at the China Cloud

    I'm looking forward to sitting in with Wooden Horsemen this Friday at the China Cloud in Vancouver. Doors at 9pm. Music at 10pm. See you there!

  • New music: Atm2arha 7n

    Here’s a new ambient track titled “Atm2arha 7n”. It was composed and recorded between Aug and September 2015 at Pacific 70 studio’s in Vancouver Canada. The piece begins with a blend of organic noise before blossoming into a collage of guitar, synthesizer and electronics.

  • Oct 2 at the Golden Saucer

    I’m playing a set of improvised music tonight with Kiran Bhumber and Roxanne Nesbitt at the Golden Saucer (Broadway and Quebec). It’s a free show! Doors at 8pm. Music at 9pm.

  • New Music: 7el7 uB

     After a few false starts over the last 2 years I’m happy to be finally posting some new solo music. I’m hoping to make this a regular occurrence as I’ve been focused on developing new material. 
     7el7 uB is one of my favourite pieces recorded over the summer of 2015. It’s centred around a processed acoustic guitar progression which interacts with a crescendo of layered electronics.

  • Craig Aalders Solo and Graftician

    Craig Aalders Solo and Graftician

    I’m performing a set of solo electroacoustic/ambient music this Friday at Skinny Fat Jacks in Vancouver.

     I’ll also be performing with Graftician. We’ve been working on new music which we’re excited to debut. If you’re in Vancouver come hang out and vibe with us.

    Doors at 8pm. Music at 9pm.

  • Craig Aalders Solo Set June 25

    Craig Aalders Solo Set June 25

    I'm playing a rare solo set of electroacoustic/ambient music this Thursday at Skinny Fat Jack's in Vancouver. I've been working on new material which I'm excited to perform live for the first time.  

  • RED


    This Friday (Feb 20) I have a new composition “Last Light First Light” written for cello and double bass being premiered by the fantastic NOVO Ensemble. The concert is a program of new Canadian music for cello and bass - duos & solos - including three world premieres. I’ve been excited about this event for a while. If you’re in Vancouver and free this Friday you should definitely check it out.

    To find out more about the show click here:

  • 2nd Annual Electroacoustic Festival

    2nd Annual Electroacoustic Festival

    Looking forward to the 2nd Annual Electroacoustic Festival. It's takes place at the Western Front. I'll be debuting a new piece "Above Waves". You can check out the event page here.